Date:  Tuesday, October 25
Time: 8:30 a.m.
Where: Omni Texas Ballroom

At KEY2ACT, we know it’s not enough to understand only what’s going on in your industry. It’s even more important to understand what’s going on in our world. That’s why we’ve chosen renowned journalist and historian Bob Woodward as our Synergy 2016 keynote speaker.

Woodward, born March 26, 1943, is regarded as one of America’s pre-eminent investigative reporters and nonfiction authors. He has worked for The Washington Post since 1971 as a reporter, and is currently an associate editor of the Post.

While a young reporter for The Washington Post in 1972, Woodward was teamed up with Carl Bernstein; the two did much, but not all, of the original news reporting on the Watergate scandal that led to numerous government investigations and the eventual resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Woodward has since authored or coauthored 17 nonfiction books. He has written in depth about the last eight presidents, and has recently been reporting on the 2016 presidential election. He’ll join us to share his thoughts on the office of the American presidency and what he thinks voters might expect from the next president.

After his speech, Woodward will take audience questions and be available for pictures. With all the chaos in this year’s presidential race, this is an event you won’t want to miss. 



No journalist or author has uncovered more secrets or probed deeper into the modern American presidency and Washington than Bob Woodward. The 2016 presidential election will be a critical pivot point in the well-being of the nation, its national security and economy. In his 18 bestselling books, Woodward has written in depth about the last eight presidents and Washington power centers from the Supreme Court to the CIA and Congress. He now explains what went wrong and what worked. He then distils out what lessons voters might expect – and demand – from the next president. With riveting storytelling, there can be no better guide as he pulls back the curtain and takes audiences on a behind-the-scenes, intimate tour of political power and the often hidden motives of key players. What are the leadership failings and gaps? Why? What are the dangers of government secrecy? Are we safe and who is responsible? What’s driving our foreign policy? What about the economy and the budget wrangling? What could be the impact of scandal? Can anyone fix Washington? How might the fix be accomplished? After time spent listening to Bob Woodward, audiences understand why Bob Schieffer of CBS News said, “Woodward has established himself as the best reporter of our time. He may be the best reporter of all time.”


Woodward's latest book, The Last of the President’s Men, was released October 13, 2015.

Woodward’s 12 #1 bestsellers:

In addition, Woodward has written five other books that were significant bestsellers but not #1 bestsellers: