Equipment Management Roundtable

Equipment Management allows for detailed equipment tracking and scheduled maintenance based on meter reading and/or calendar. Let’s discuss how this tool helps you you manage fleet maintenance and track vehicle expenses. Did you know that fuel consumption can be tracked through an integration to your fueling vendor credit cards? Or that Power BI reporting can further enhance your insights into fleet cost management? Learn about these exciting functionalities and more!

Format: Roundtable Level: 200 Track: OPS

Equipment Management Solution Overview

Is your organization looking to eliminate costly and time-consuming manual asset tracking processes? If so, join us to learn how Equipment Management provides productivity gains by tracking equipment detail, expenses, revenue and more. In addition, Equipment Management proactively creates and manages work orders, ensuring that routine maintenance is completed on time.

Format: Solution Overview Level: 100 Track: ACCT/OPS

Maintenance Contracts, Advanced

Already pretty comfortable with Maintenance Contracts? Join us for this advanced session, where you’ll learn how to take this solution even further. We’ll show you how to automatically generate calls based on obligations, and how to better manage your contractual obligations by knowing when work is not performed as scheduled. We’ll also discuss automatic billing, and how to track contract profitability.

Format: Breakout Level: 200 Track: ACCT/OPS

Refrigerant Tracking Compliance Changes for 2019

Key2Act has modified Signature and MobileTech refrigerant tracking features to ensure accurate evaluation and reporting for assets that exceed the maximum allowed leak rate. In this session, we’ll cover changes to Service Management setup options, the Equipment Master and Refrigerant Tracking windows, and reporting.

Format: Breakout Level: 200 Track: OPS

Service Management Solution Overview

Designed with the service industry in mind, Service Management streamlines critical business operations. In this session you will learn how Service Management improves communication with technicians in the field, creates and manages work orders, tracks expenses and generates invoices. And it does it all while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Format: Solution Overview Level: 100 Track: OPS

The Business Value of Tasking

The value of tasking goes far beyond the benefit of simply having checklists for your techs. The details provided by tasking also give you the opportunity to do things like give customers a more thorough view of all the work your company is doing; enable predictive ordering for inventory materials; and allow you to compare actual time worked vs. estimates. Join us to learn more about the different ways tasking can add business value.

Format: Breakout Level: 300 Track: OPS