The 5 Perks of Automation. Presented by MetaViewer.

From increased ROI to enhanced efficiency and greater visibility, automating paper-based processes with paperless automation is the ticket to a host of perks. In this session, you’ll learn how automation will lead to: time savings, increased ROI, improved accuracy, enhanced visibility and enterprise expansion. If you’re buried under paper, automation has your back. The perks speak for themselves.

Format: Breakout Level: ALL Track: ACCT/OPS

Automating AP with Robotic Process Automation. Presented by MetaViewer.

Ready to make your AP processes less manual and more automatic? That’s where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in, making AP departments more agile, efficient and streamlined. Learn about the benefits of MetaViewer’s RPA functionality, like increased visibility, elimination of manual data entry, cost savings and enhanced efficiency; best practices of integrating RPA; how MetaViewer RPA integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP/Signature solutions, and more! Catch this session to see MetaViewer RPA functionality in action and learn how to eliminate those tedious AP processes for a best-in-class AP department.

Format: Breakout Level: ALL Track: ACCT/OPS

All of the old guys are retiring, and the young ones are morons! Presented by XOi.  

What if you could institutionalize the knowledge of your most senior technicians, shorten the learning curve for less experienced techs, and sell more at every job in the process? In this session, learn how simple photos and videos captured within the XOi Technologies and KEY2ACT MobileTech integrated solution can empower your contracting business to serve more customers, with your existing technicians, at higher quality in the midst of a growing skilled trades gap. 

Format: Breakout    Level: ALL    Track: ACCT/OPS/SYS ADMIN

AP Automation for Key2Act Job Cost with KwikPayables. Presented by KwikTag.  

Attend this session to learn how KwikPayables is the AP automation solution that you can leverage directly inside of Dynamics GP. In addition to the more than 75 GP screens that have KwikTag document management enabled, see how easy it is to manage the entire AP process with KwikTag for Key2Act. This session will highlight AP automation with Job Cost coding for Key2Act that includes automatic creation of the Payables Transaction Entry.

Format: Breakout     Level: 200   Track: ACCT/OPS

How to Implement Paperless Projects Beyond AP. Presented by Altec.  

Achieve success in any department!  Attend this session highlighting how going digital with document management solution DocLink, allows you to go paperless beyond AP for measurable results in AR, HR, Legal, IT and beyond.  Integrated to Key2Act’s Job Cost and Equipment Manager modules, DocLink provides you with new opportunities to extend your investment to other areas of your company.  Learn how to achieve success implementing paperless processes one project at a time to save time and money.

 Format: Breakout     Level: ALL    Track: ACCT/OPS/SYS ADMIN

New Features from the wsTOOLS Team. Presented by wsTOOLS  

You asked for new features, and we have listened. Join us as we explore our new add on features to Key2Act, designed to save you hours of effort!  Learn about our wsTOOLS that allow you to modify customer and vendor information; Select individual posted costs to be transferred from one service call to another (or job) without having to rekey transactions; Send and attach invoices, call summary reports, job reports, and more from Signature windows;  Change the job division after you have posted costs;  Quickly record time in web time entry; Track prospects and gain visibility into contracts, and many more. 

 Format: Breakout     Level: 100    Track: ACCT/OPS/SYS ADMIN

Tools – Features – Enhancements for Both GP & Key2Act. Presented by wsTools.  

We’ll look at the most impactful wsTOOLS solutions that can immediately improve your experience across KEY2ACT Signature and Dynamics GP. You’ll see how to improve common processes, correct payments and other entry errors without re-keying, secure and categorize sensitive information, gain efficiencies through automation, improve accuracy and consistency, and increase visibility across your workforce and much more.

Format: Breakout     Level: 100     Track: ACCT/OPS/SYS ADMIN