Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Looking for more ways to have fun this week? Join our first-ever social media scavenger hunt! From Monday through Wednesday, you can earn points for connecting with KEY2ACT and posting about your Synergy experience on our social media channels. Get at least eight points, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win our grand prize. The winner will be announced at the closing session on Thursday morning.

Here’s how to play:

Earn one point for each:

·       Follow KEY2ACT on Twitter

·       Follow KEY2ACT on Facebook

·       Follow KEY2ACT on LinkedIn

·       Follow KEY2ACT on Instagram

·       Follow KEY2ACT on Vimeo

Points for social media follows awarded to previous followers as well.

·       Post a photo of yourself with a Synergy sponsor

·       Share your experiences and what you are learning in your sessions (1 point each time)


Daily bonus points! Earn one point for each:


·       Post a photo from the Welcome Reception


·       Post a photo of or quote from John Jazwiec or Bob Woodward during the opening session

·       Show us where you are on your night on your own by posting a photo


·       Post a photo from the route of the 5k Run/Walk

·       Post a photo from the River Ranch Hootenanny

·       Get a new photo taken for your social media profiles at the Professional Head Shot Station


Earn two points for each:

·       Tweet at least five times with the Synergy hashtag

·       Post at least three times on Instagram with the Synergy hashtag

·       Post at least three times on Facebook with the Synergy hashtag


In order to count points, we’ll need to see your posts. Here’s how to make sure that happens.


Twitter – use #KEY2ACTSynergy (from a public account)

Instagram – use #KEY2ACTSynergy (from a public account)

Facebook – make your posts to the KEY2ACT Facebook page ( with #KEY2ACTSynergy