Synergy 2018 will feature two areas of focus: Signature and Connect. Most Synergy sessions are eligible for CPE credits, with the exception of sponsor sessions, customer-led discussions, networking sessions and general sessions.


Our Signature area of focus offers more than 80 unique sessions designed to help users learn how to use their KEY2ACT solutions in the most effective way for their business. Attendees also have the opportunity to become certified as a KEY2ACT System Administrator by participating in 10 System Administrator sessions.


The Connect area of focus is geared toward users of Connect, our solution that delivers actionable outcomes based on data collected from building automation systems and equipment. The sessions in this focus area will target the needs of current Connect customers but are open to any Synergy attendee.



Certified Public Accountants can earn CPE credits by attending Synergy sessions. All sessions are eligible for CPE credits in the Computer Science field of study, with the exception of sponsor sessions, networking sessions and opening session. Sign up to receive credits by indicating your interest when registering for the conference. You may also visit the Registration Desk to register for credits while attending Synergy. 

If you play a role in managing your company’s KEY2ACT solution, you’re eligible to earn an official KEY2ACT System Administrator certificate. To earn the certificate, users must do just two things: indicate interest in the program when registering or at the Registration Desk during Synergy, and participate in 10 System Administrator sessions while at the conference.


One of the chief reasons to come to Synergy is the education, and one of the best places to get that education is the KEY2ACT Experience Center. Here’s what you’ll find at our one-stop shop for solution info, located this year in the Swan Ballroom:


KEY2ACT Development

After opening session wraps up, the Dev team takes the main stage. Stop by to learn more about our newest software features and make suggestions for future enhancements.





KEY2ACT Support and Hands-On Lab

Try out our solutions and get answers to your software-related questions. The Support area is also home to our new Hands-On Lab, which is the place to sit down and work through any processes you might need help with.




KEY2ACT Studio

We’ll be interviewing customers throughout the week about their experiences with our products. Have a story to share? Let us know!


Process-Based Networking

This year, we’re upping our networking game. Instead of just one afternoon dedicated to connecting you with fellow users, we’ll be offering process-based networking sessions throughout the week in each of our three educational tracks: Accounting, System Administration and Operations. Topics will include things like:

  • Best processes for month-end procedures
  • Technician adoption of MobileTech
  • Getting the best performance from your ERP

Hands-On Learning

Often the best way to absorb a new process is to do it yourself, with an expert there to help walk you through it. In addition to our popular Hands-On Training sessions, this year we’re introducing two new hands-on options, for a total of three ways to learn by doing.

  • Hands-On Training. These popular breakout sessions take place in a classroom setting with an instructor guiding the class step-by-step through processes while participants follow along on a provided computer. Preregistration for these sessions is required. Space is limited and seats fill up fast.
  • Hands-On Lab. Located in the KEY2ACT Experience Center, this area will have dedicated computer stations available for you to sit down and work through any of the processes taught in our Hands-On Training sessions. Documentation with step-by-step instructions for each process will be provided.
  • Hands-On Technology. This new space is a place where system admins and other techies can receive focused instruction from our consultants on advanced technical skills. We’ll offer some topic-specific time slots, where we’ll cover things like Woodford customizations, SSRS reports and SmartLists. We’ll also schedule some open time, when our consultants can help you work through your unique processes. Preregistration for these sessions is required. Space is limited and seats fill up fast.